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About Wasabi

We believe that the most urgent problem for mankind is fixing the money, that Bitcoin is the best option for doing this and that privacy is its biggest problem. Centralized mixers leave two big problems unsolved, however. One, users need to trust their privacy with the mixer. Since the mixer knows exactly which user sent and received which coins, the mixer could re-establish the trail of ownership. If the mixer is willing to share this data with interested parties (perhaps because they have to by law or in return for payment), the user would lose his privacy after all. And two — perhaps even worse — the mixer could refuse to make the return payment, basically stealing the user’s coins.

Wasabi Mixer was created to help Bitcoin maintain its cypherpunk roots on its path to a global reserve currency and to mitigate the inherent privacy issues of its public ledger. Bitcoin online mixer that implements trustless coinjoin magic.

After years of doing privacy research and development, we’ve concluded that having good tools is not enough - They need to be easy to use, otherwise they will only be utilized by the minority, making users stand out from the crowd. To increase the adoption of these tools, Wasabi is designed to be user friendly and to provide privacy automatically by default.

Bitcoin Only

  1. We all hate wasting time
  2. Cryptocurrency is the future
  3. Good money drives out bad money

As long as Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency, dealing with altcoins is a likely way to end up on the wrong side of history. For this reason, altcoins are noise and Bitcoin is the signal.